Scavenger Hunt

Hey from Kenya,
Day 40 of our tour was a day of fun and games. Douwe Cunningham devised a scavenger hunt for everyone to emphasize interaction with the locals and give everyone a day of easy riding. It was a 74 Km day and we made up 5 teams of four. Our team, the Chieftains, was composed of Stef, Douwe, Mike “Crash” Carter, Craig T and myself. Our first task was a “creative picture with a local,” so we coerced a sheep herder into grabbing one of his sheep and allowing us to dress it in one of our riding jerseys. It was no easy undertaking, but certainly a blast. Then we flagged down a huge flat bed truck to “use a local mode of transport,” and had him drive all of us up a big climb. The highlight of the day was when we stopped at a school, unannounced and talked the headmaster into allowing us to exchanged songs with the entire school body. There must have been 200 kids, eager, yet confused as to what these weird “Muzungas, (white foreigners)”, were doing at their school. We sang “Old McDonald had a Farm,” and had a few laughs, but likely just added to the oddity of the situation. Steph, who has spent time in Kenya working, sang with the kids and really loosened them up. They then reciprocated and sang us a couple Kenyan tunes. It was a moving experience to see and hear all these enthusiastic youngsters.
We finished the hunt by “having a beer with a local.” One beer led to a couple and we rolled into camp all saying it was the best day of riding the entire trip.

Easy Rider



  1. Whatta great 2 blogs and wonderful story about your “bride’s” arrival!! Enjoy EACH AND EVERY SECOND together on this special part of your adventure!

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