Primitive Yet Peacfull

Greetings from Nairobi, ( finally have great internet)
The rest day in Masabit was marvelous. “Rest ” is the operative word. As mentioned, we stayed in a monastery, run by the Nazareth Sisters of the Enunciation. The campsite was grassy, with a few huge cows grazing the grounds. The rooms, which I chose to enjoy, were clean and private. Showers with hot water were most welcomed. The day started with mass at 7:00 am, which Mike Voisin and I attended. We both agreed that the Sisters sang like angels. Breakfast followed and then some easy stretching to help with the aches and pains. Craig Thompson and I then started the walk into town, but shortly after wandering down a dusty road with a few scattered huts, a pick-up truck stopped and offered us a ride. I hung on for dear life, as we rode in the back and took the bumpy, windy road. Only a couple of kilometers from the monastery, Marsabit is just a few dirt roads with broken down storefronts and the odd cafe. After a trip to the bank, my next order of business was a haircut and beard trimming. ( I have to look good when Mary arrives next week in Nairobi). A great experience, as the local barber, meticulously cut, trimmed and topped it off with a shampoo and hot towel treatment. What a pleasure. A quick stop at a grocery store and a bite to eat, rounded out the morning. I was left with the rest of the afternoon to clean my bike, read and lounge around. One happy guy.
Then it was back on the road for four more days of riding and one bus day. The bus day was to avoid an area where they had troubles a few years ago. The riding was quite easy, as one day we had a scavenger hunt, during our 75 km route. (More on that in the next blog).
The people in this part of Kenya are still very tribal. It was amazing to see a young guy walking down the street in sandals, with a blanket over his shoulder, a man’s skirt, while carrying a spear, or some other primitive weapon. The women had the most beautiful beads and colorful dress.
Today we crossed the equator in a town called Nanyuki. We all stopped for photos at the sign indicating we had crossed into the Southern Hemisphere.
The ride into Nairobi was a nightmare. About 5,000′ of climbing over the 70 mile ride, but the real challenge was the traffic and roads. Trucks, trucks and more trucks, all spewing enough diesel fumes to choke a horse. Cars passing trucks on two lane roads and forcing us off the road numerous times. Then it was a major highway into the congested city. Chaos to put it lightly. In any case, everyone arrived safely and overjoyed to be have almost now competed 45% of the journey.
Mary arrived yesterday and was at the camp to meet me when our convoy finished. Tonight we enjoyed an anniversary dinner at the hotel. Tomorrow we will fly to Eldoret to visit Julie and her team at Kimbilio Hospice. Then it’s off on safari for a few days of luxury. I’m really looking forward to the break. I’ll meet back up with the TDA group in Arusha, after missing only two days of riding, but it will be 6 days and comfort and relaxation with my wonderful bride.
We have now travelled 5,388 Km or 3,340 miles. That’s about the same distance as LA to NYC.

Easy Rider



  1. Wow! Quite an adventure you are having Hobe!! Happy Anniversary to you and Mary, and hope you enjoy your “time off”!! We look forward to hearing about your trek into the Southern Hemisphere! Happy cycling trails to you!! LOL Jodi & The Derb xo

    1. Liebste Joanna,jetzt endlich kann ich was über diesen herrlichen Post sagen. Die Bilder, also die Bilder berühren meine Seele. Die Farben, die Kissen und Granatäpfel mit Waffeln….. also ich hab mir wirklich diesmal erstmal alles ganz oft angeschaut, bis ich was kommentieren konnte. Stell Dir mal vor, ich hätte Dich nicht gefunden…. was würde ich ein erlchrmbiäes Leben führen…. und ständig auf der Suche sein ;o) Liebste Grüße von Annett

  2. Great update Mike! So glad Mary is there and you get a bit of a breather. I don’t know how you are doing this. Hell, I’m getting sick of my wimpy training rides. Troy and Alex and I have a long one for tomorrow. Troy’s house up to the top of Humbolt Mtn. and then down to Bartlett Lake and back out. Nothing compared to what you have been doing but my bum hurts just thinking about it. Really proud of you Hermano. The donations are coming in and your stories and photos are rich. We have a Scholarship Sponsor Appreciation weekend on the 19th down in Agua Prieta
    with over 65 people signed up so far. It’s going to be nuts. I’ll tell Ximena hello for you and fill her in on where you are and what you are doing.

    Ride Strong!


    1. Hey Gil, Humbolt & Bartlett in the same day …. WOW. Having s great break and charging up the batteries. Sorry to miss the appreciation weekend. I’m sure it will be great. Ho to everyone. Please give my love to Ximena.

      1. Celeste – I’m not clever – the Beth Heesrepgnr woman mentioned is the clever one. Her books really are amazingly good for these gadgets like rice cookers, bread machines and slow cookers.

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