Month: October 2015

Getting anxious

Training ride with Dr. Greg Gramelspacher in NYC

Training ride with Dr. Greg Gramelspacher in NYC


Three months until departure. Many a day wondering if I should reconsider this “off the charts” African adventure. I’m training and feeling good pretty good, other than some nagging old age issues. Trying to do about 200 miles a week, a little yoga and some strength training. The idea is to be strong when I get to Cairo and prepared for the heavy riding schedule. The big thing is not to over train and get burned out too early.

Plenty of preparations needed like getting multiple visas, vaccinations, packing all the right meds and getting my bike ready for many tough miles. I have to manage my packing so to bring only what is absolutely necessary. We are very limited on room, (two duffle bags) and after all the camping gear, spare parts, toiletries, electronics, etc. there’s not much room for luxuries like underwear. The suggested packing list is 3 t-shirts, 2 long shirts, 2 shorts, 1 pr long pants, rain gear, fleece, hat, towel, bathing suit, causal shirt and long underwear….. That’s it for 4 months. Wow.