Four Days Gone and 117 to Go

Greetings Friends & Family,

We started the first morning at the pyramids for a photo-op…. Surreal. I can’t believe the trip has started. Egypt is really hurting for tourists and the government is doing everything to help people feel safe. We not only had a police escort to the pyramids, but we have an escort, (multiple vehicles and guards) all the way through Egypt. All paid for by the Egyptian government. Actually, any group of tourists gets the same treatment.

The tour has two competitions, first it is a race and about 12 of the 19 riders are racing, not me. They race for about 80% of the days.. The second is to get the status of EFI, at the end of the trip. EFI stands for “Every” inch. It would be nice, but I plan on taking two days off when we get to Kenya to visit my charity, The Living Room. My plan is to do EFH, “Every Hotel.” They are few and far between, but a bed and shower  will be like heaven.

The desert campsites for the first three nights were horrid. Sandy, rocky and windy and no facilities. A bottle shower (one bottle of water), the third night was super. A real shower, today, was off the charts. Loving life today. ( Yesterday a different story).

We’ve ridden about 500 km (320 miles), the first 4 days.

Wi-Fi sporadic, pictures to follow I hope.  See you soon.





  1. Mike Hobin, I’m on a cruise with Molly right now. We had cocktails with Mike and Nancy Robinson at the Aruba Marriott today. Our next port is curaçao. We have a hide a bed in our living area, if you choose to catch up with us!
    Seriously, you are amazing! Good luck for a wonderful adventure!



  2. Mike! That sounds amazing and no fun as far as showers go. Be safe and have fun!!!! We love following you! Keep writing!!!



  3. Okay Mike, if you can do it, I can do it. I mean the no showering part. Beginning today, in an act of supreme solidarity, I pledge to forego showering and move in with my brother Gil until you complete your trip.
    I salute you!

  4. Wow, that’s a pretty rough start to a long trip! Does it help to know that it is 8 degrees in VT today? I don’t know how you rest your weary bones on a rocky, windy place but I sure get how it adds poignancy to a simple thing like a shower. Good luck these next days and weeks. Bill

  5. The clouds are starting to gather, litlarely.  It might actually be going to rain here.  Just waiting for my technical check.  As you know, these are the bits I hate the most.

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