Getting Ready to Rumble

Gettting warmed up for the ride.

Helping to build the pyramids.                Traded my bike in for a camel. 

Hey from Cairo,

Zeroing in on day one. I made it to Cairo along with my bike and bags so I’m a happy camper. We spent the day touring the pyramids and a couple of other local attractions.  I feel bad for the people in the tourist industry, as there are very few tourists at the sites. Mary and I were here for our honeymoon, many moons ago, and I remember buses and buses lined up at the pyramids. Today there might have been 50-100 people. It’s a great time to tour around without any crowds.

We had a meet and greet tonight. There’s 23 riders starting in Cairo and 19 doing the whole enchilada, (7,500 miles). 6 woman going all the way to Capetown. Looks like  a great mix of people from all over the world. However, Canada and the U.K. seem to be the dominant nationalities. Ages from 23- 63, ( I’m not the oldest, as Larry from Colorado is a year older.)  This same tour, three years ago, had 70 riders, so people have been scared off, or economy is holding people back.

I’m getting anxious and ready to roll. Friday is blast off as we start with a 84 mile warm up.

Note: Wifi connections are sketchy in Cairo, so it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the trip.

Riding High





  1. Go Hobe go! Glad to hear you are not the oldest rider(ha! ha!)Looking forward to hearing about your adventures! Cold and snowy here in Mississauga, winter has finally arrived at last!! LOL. Jodi & The Derb xo

  2. Mike, wishing you all the very best and bet you are anxious!… have a great start on the 15th
    will be looking forward to your posts. Very safe travels love, cindy campbell

  3. All the best … We are in awe , we’re just saying it’s one thing to have the time and funds … But a totally another thing to have the determination, talent and stamina !! Godspeed ,
    Very happy to support your journey 😘. Mike and Nancy Robinson

  4. Wow, Mike, must be both exciting and a little overwhelming with 7500 miles in front of you. Almost as much work and building a pyramid! It’s an amazing undertaking and I look forward to following you from afar. Good luck and safe travels. Bill Roper

  5. Mike, thinking of you with love and admiration. Hope you are enjoying your exciting adventure! And of course, taking lots of pix so I can enjoy the spectacular sights and stories when you return safely and tired and happy! Sorry we missed your send off party–heard it was great! Hugs and fondness!! Judi Edwards

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