African Adventure


On January 15th, 2016, I will begin an epic cycling trip through 10 African countries. From Cairo to Cape Town the trip will cover 12,076 Km (7,500 miles). It will be a true test of mind, body and bicycle for 121 days. Some say I’m nutty, but I see it as a great opportunity to learn about different cultures, meet some extraordinary people and see Africa at a pace and perspective that few people would ever get to enjoy.

You can learn about the entire trip at the TDA Global Cycling web site, as they are the tour operators.

If you want to know where we are from day to day, here is a complete itinerary.

The Adventure, Cairo to Cape Town

The Adventure, Cairo to Cape Town

This exploit through Africa will also allow me to raise money for two very worthwhile charities that are near and dear to my heart.

The Living Room, a hospice in Kenya, run by Julie McGowan, the most heart warming, giving person, I’ve ever met. I’ll have the opportunity to visit Julie, her staff and also see the site of the new hospice they plan on building. My plan is to take a couple of days off and fly from Nairobi to Eldoret mid way through the cycling trip. NOTE: I’ll be matching all contributions totalling $10,000… so please be generous.  DONATE TODAY

Rancho Feliz, a charitable foundation that is changing lives in Aqua Prieta, Mexico, just over the border from Douglas, Arizona. The philosophy of Rancho Feliz is that the people must contribute to their community with service and continued education for their children. The families live with dignity, knowing they are an integral part of their community. It was founded by a couple of good friends that will be joining me for part of this cycling trip, Gil & Troy Gillenwater. NOTE: I’ll be matching all contributions totalling $10,000 and Gil will be matching donations up to $5,000 and Jim Armstrong will match donations up to $10,000. That’s $25,000 in matching donations. …. so please be generous.     DONATE TODAY

Learn more about the charities

Thank you for your loving spirit and gifts,




      1. I live in on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, hope you have a great time! You must come down to the Gold Coast! Eat lots of food in Breaabodch and go shopping at Robina Town Centre, they are amazing!

  1. Hi Mike, Italy is near you during this ride! all the best from all of us! Stefano ( wow…is the only thing that I can say…)

      1. Ciao Mike
        thanks for this video! I really hope to see you soon again here in Italy! Next time no business only a bike trip and a good restaurant!
        I wish you a very special Xmas and a Happy new year!
        all the best

  2. happy holidays and best of luck in new year! I was thinking a charity golf tourney might offer a slightly safer method of achieving some of your goals, I know we would feel better about your generous soul! Our thoughts and prayers for you and the group. I may have a slight chance of whoopin you on the golf course next summer as you may not be swinging a golf club for a while! Good luck Hobie!

  3. Mike — this is amazing and heroic in every way. We’ll be thinking of you. Very best wishes to you and Mary and to your family, and to your compatriots on the ride. Mayda & Flip

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  4. Hey Mike,
    You are nuts! I traveled a small part of your route and the challenge you are taking on is monumental.
    The pay off, if you make it, will be a big accomplishment for you and a big boost for the causes that you are supporting.
    I’m in for $1 (a mile) you can allocate it to the charities any way you want.

    I hope you have a great Christmas and 2016 brings you luck – you’ll need it, Jay & Laurie

    1. Thanks Jay. You’re very generous That’s a significant commitment on your part. I certainly plan on doing the entire 7,500 miles. All the best for a healthy and happy 2016 to you, Laurie and the family. Merry Christmas

  5. Wow, Mike, you are really doing this! And I am sure, with your will, determination and strength, you will do it GREAT! And I promise to look after Mary!

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  6. Good for you Hobe, what an experience, we wish you a safe journey & look forward to following your trip across Africa. All the best, Jodi & Derb

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  7. Mike – what a fantastic adventure!! Will be following you with great interest and wish you the very best of luck, may the cycling gods be with you!


  8. Dear Mike — I knew Mary married an athlete but you have taken physical fitness to a new level! And for such good causes. I stand in awe and wish you all the best in this life changing adventure. I will make a donation and pass this on to others. Much love and I hope to see you in 2016…Gigi

    1. Thanks Gig. You’re right about it being a life changing adventure, but you don’t need to be an athlete, just a little crazy. Merry Christmas to all the O’Sheas

  9. Mike – WOW…what a terriffic way to give back. Having said that, you will likely be enriched beyond belief from the experience. Best wishes for a safe and exciting journey.


    1. Thanks Larry. I’m positve it will be a very enriching experience and looking forward to the adventure. I just wish I had your photography skills. Oh well, I don’t have room for all your camera stuff anyway. The iPhone & GoPro will have to do

  10. Safe travels Mike! Inspired by what you do! Thanks for giving to others and seeing the wirld with the eyes of gratitude and being generous! Look forward to our next ride…whenever and wherever! Cheers my friend

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  11. Michael – best of luck on such an epic undertaking, and awesome job supporting such terrific charities!!! I know that you’ve put yourself in the best position to succeed; the rest is in God’s hands. I’ll be watching and rooting all the way, and you’ll be in my prayers until you return safely.Have a great time, and enjoy the ride!!

  12. Mike
    Safe travels, enjoy the gifts if the trips and your training. We will be following you all along the trail and keeping you in our prayers.
    Be safe.

  13. Hobe, you are such an inspiration! Will be following your journey, & saying prayers for you safety. Enjoy every single moment, as you make some new memories of a lifetime…..hugs Kathy & Deb

      1. I cannot find anything on the web site that says “follow me” or something similar. So am hoping a “reply” will get us connected to future emails etc.

        Glad to hear you are off to a good start.

  14. Godspeed Mike! So sorry that I’m unable to join you on this great adventure. I will however, contribute to the Living Room Ministries. Julie McGowan and her workers care for the dying poor with a love and compassion as real as Mother Teresa. Be safe.

      1. Villikissa, kyllä sinulla selvästi on velvollisuus lukea Uuni! Ties vaikka muuraritkin haluaisivat lukea opuksen, koska ilmeisesti siinä kerrotaan uunin rakittamesesna niin tarkasti, että romaanin avulla voisi oikeasti muurata uunin. 🙂

  15. Mike best wishes to you and the crew. I rode Cairo to The Cape on their second tour I believe it was eleven years ago now and I have a pretty good understanding of what you will deal with and the many positive outcomes to follow. Stick with the very positive people and remember to be an Ambasador for your country. The people are wonderful in general, the kids will be kids so watch for the odd ambush of rocks on the road and rocks or stones in the air. They will back off if you acknowledge them cheerfully and maybe laugh and smile with them. Having a real tough day then slow the pace and take a break while really focusing on hydration and the beauty surrounding you then move on ten kms at a time. Keep your hands,utensils and etc very clean to avoid any germs in camp, some people do not practice good sanitation, that can take you off the bike! If you see or hear dogs that look at you like food or entertainment ride with a group but avoid any riders from South Africa as my experience is that although they are tough riders they can be overly aggressive with children in an ambush situation. Above all smile and talk with the locals they are your best friend or worst enemy. If you want any additional input I’ll be happy to help, be safe, be clean, be happy and enjoy. Len Spratt

  16. Mike, you are awesome! Enjoying tracking you and hearing the stories. Sounds like the Oklahoma wind was a mere practice test for the real exam. Good luck.

      1. Had dinner with Mary tonight. She couldn’t stop talking about you….soooo cute! Pictures are great (except for the beard 😦 Keep going and say your prayers!!!!

    1. A torcida do Corinthians pode não ser a maior mas se destaca pelo seu amor.Tenho certeza que vamos reverter esse placar,e ganhar essa Lieaotedrrbs.

    2. Tough question….I think people will have a hard time answering this! I suppose I managed to take regular showers. Everything else I think revolves around family (which is okay!). Now that I think about it, my family probably benefits from me taking regular showers too…oh well I’d Love this giveaway!! Thanks!

  17. Mike, Saying a prayer for you daily. Anxious to hear all about the journey. Trying to keep Mary well fed but she’s keeping herself pretty busy. Cheers!

  18. Hey Mike, just caught up with your blog. Great job – loved looking back on my part and reading about your new exploits – completely jealous of you. Keep going easy rider…. Clive

  19. Hi Mike

    Great job! Keep it up.

    You are just entering the area we were in in March, Zambia. Botswana and South Africa; however our experiences were quite different than yours. You will LOVE Botswana when you get there. The people are so nice and I’m pretty sure the terrain will be nice and flat for you.
    Cape Town is awesome and should keep you motivated as the prize at the end of the trip. We had 5 days there and it wasn’t enough.

    Please be safe and get home in one piece so I can get a few bucks off you on the golf course.

    Love, Denise, Jace and family.

      1. Mike,  Hurry the hell home….I need some money for dinners and I know your golf is rusty 🙂   Well done.  Keep going and look forward to seeing you soon.  Roger

  20. Can’t be long now! It is really you bad you and Elyse could not meet up but I know it is a long ways away. Hoping to see you soon. Margie

  21. Mike, Garage doors are still closed! Miss not having you around the neighborhood. Safe finishing and hurry home. Knowing you……you’ll probably SPRINT the last leg!!!! Best, Roger & Donna

      1. Congrats Mike! I’m glad it’s over & ur safe! Now come home, play some golf, & enjoy your friends & family!!!! Roger & Donna

  22. Mike what a journey. I thought you were crazy and I am just jealous. Safe home to NJ? See you soon. Can’t wait to here some more stories. Maybe we can do some biking when you get back!!! John Nixon

  23. Hobs: Welcome Home! Bet a hamburger, a milkshake, and a round of golf sounds good right about now!

  24. Congratulations, Mike – you are really something…you are doing someting so wonderful for the needy of the world…..I am in awe….love, Gigi

  25. Mike as I used to say whenever you made a putt as my partner it reminded me of the Bette song did you ever know your my hero what an accomplishment Hobes as always with your gang of great persons.

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