Comfort is Overrated

Greetings from Victoria Falls, Zambia

Looking back, I’ve treated myself to two high-end hotels, other than when Mary was here and I’ve gotten sick both times. The first was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and now in Vic Falls, Zambia. What’s up with that? I arrived in Vic Falls a couple of days before the group, as I jumped a ride, after crashing my bike.The first couple of days my body ached from the fall, but just as the pain subsided, I was hit with stomach problems again. Oh shit! That’s right, Oh shit, I was on the shelf again. However, modern medicine is all right by me, as an antibiotic called Cipro worked it’s wonders and I’m up and running again, ready to roll.

Despite the minor setback, Victoria Falls has been spectacular. It’s not commercialized like Niagara and besides it’s African charm, there is plenty to offer a traveler. The Falls themselves are truly a wonder of the world. There are game drives; helicopter rides; tiger fishing in the mighty Zambezi; canoe trips, but watch out for the crocs and hippos; bungy jumping; zip lines and numerous other activities for everyone of all ages. I highly recommend it as a destination to add to your bucket list.

We’re pedaling off tomorrow in the early morning and here’s what lays ahead. Ten days of riding a total of 1,543 km, (957 miles) until we reach Windhoek, Namibia. (There’s a rest day in Maun, Botswana half way through). In Windhoek, I’ll meet up with my good friends Troy and Gil Gillenwater for the final 1,912 km, (1,186 m), stretch into Cape Town. So, by my calculations we have 3,455 km, (2,143 miles) remaining. That’s a hundred kilometers further than riding from my home town of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada to Phoenix, Arizona. A jaunt I’ve taken numerous times in my old hockey playing days. The only difference is this time it’s on a bike, not a car. So instead of doing it over 4 days, I’ll be doing it over the next 30 days.

This upcoming section is called “The Elephant Highway.” On the TDA site, they show a selfie of a rider with an elephant in the background. How cool is that? That’s why I signed up for this life altering adventure, to encounter an elephant on the road. Let’s hope it happens and I live to tell the tale…. (Just kidding Mary).

Easy Rider



  1. Love all the great photos and tales of the trio, Mike. Warmer weather is hitting NJ and Kiley came in town for opening day and a good time was had by all the guys. Can’t wait to have dinner and sip wine and hear more stories. Trust the tum tum is better and be careful with those elephants! XoHally

  2. Hi Chief,
    Great update – missing riding with you out there buddy!
    Good luck for the next stage and keep the shiny side up on that beautiful bike of yours. ­čÖé

  3. Wouldn’t want you to get too used to the cushy life’s! Bet your legs will feel strong on day 2 of the next adventure. May the wind be at your back and an elephant be ahead.

      1. Being Bart I wouldn't be surprised if he'd dropped it, kicked it (vaguely) straight and just got back out there. Can't think of any obvious advantage in having the bars deliberately bent that way, on opposite lock the right hand bar end would be right where a chap wouldn't want it to be.

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