Today’s Super Stars and photos



Top left- Ahmed Nayer, an Egyptian that I’ve rode with a couple of days. Ahmed is a network engineer for Cisco Systems. There’s 5 Egyptian riders, riding from Cairo to Abul Simbel.

Upper middle – My home away from home, at one of our early desert campsites.

Top right – Four of the 6 lady riders that are doing the entire trip. From right to left, Brenda, Emma. Martina and Sally Anne, (actually Sally Ann did half the trip in 2013 and is finishing it up this year).

Bottom right – The captain and I, doing a sailing cruise along the Nile.

Bottom left – Today’s “Super Stars”

( top left) Martina Kroos, 40 from Bad Salzuflen, Germany. Martina is a fitness coach and runs a health club in her hometown. Why did she decide to do the TDA? “Loves Afrcia, why not on a bike?” She is raising money for Shelter Box, a disaster relief group;

Paul Taylor, a 47 year old from Lancashire, England. He says that that is where they speak “proper” English. Paul runs a car garage, when he not training for some “off the charts” athletic endevour. The “terminator” is a three time iron man and certainly a favorite to battle it out with Rupert, if he decides to go all the way. Paul is going to make that decision in Nairobi.

Emma Houterman is a partner with Paul and lives in Amsterdam. An incredible athlete, she is a leading contender with Katja for the woman’s title. She was born in Rawanda where her father engineered a major highway. She’s always  wanted to come back and see the continent. Emma is raising money for Doctors Without Borders,

Easy Rider,



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