Out of Egypt


Hey from Abu Simbel,

Day off in Abu Simbel, a small town built around the famous temples. They were discovered in 1964 and were removed and reconstructed in 1968 to make way for Lake Nasser. The Lake was a result of the High Dam in Aswan. The temples are magnificent and the best I’ve seen on the trip.

We have now completed day 10 of riding and gone about 1,250 Km ( 775 miles). The first two days coming out of Luxor were along the Nile. The fertile slopes of the river support many small towns. The people were lined up in every village, welcoming us. Young, old, male and female, the people extended their warm welcome as we passed. Even the trucks and cars gave friendly honks and waves as they sped by. The third day of riding was a little different, as we headed back into the desert. The first 60 Km were with heavy cross winds and I took cover with my Rancho Feliz bandana (dust mask) covering my nose and mouth. (Many thanks to Gil Gillenwater for the bandanas). I swear I had a pound of sand in my right ear, before we headed south and had a tail wind most rest of the day . The day finished in a desert camp with the winds howling. Everyone pitched in helping others set up their tents. I went to bed with about two inches of sand encirling the inside of my tent. The fourth day was in heavy tail winds , on good roads……. Loved it.  Once again I extended my objective of EFH  (Every Fu…g Hotel), on the rest days, by finding a very nice hotel, near the campsite.

Today’s Three Super Stars

top left: Douwe Cunningham, 30, lives in Brussels and was born in Scotland  He is fluent in English, Dutch, German, French, Russian and enough Japanese to pick up a gesha girl. Douwe was disheartened with his work in the shipping industry and decided to pack up and head to Africa. This talented young man will be looking for a job when he’s finished the trip. Resumes on request.

Max Chiswick is 29 and lives in Chicago. Max just finished a Masters in Israel. He’s spent some time in Africa a few years ago and had to come back. The most amazing thing in my mind about Max is that he had never clipped into pedals before this trip. The first time, was day one, on the TDA……Talk about an adventurer.

Stephanie Thornton is 28 and from Toronto. She had been working as a nanny in Scottsdale, Arizona. She had spent time in Kenya, Africa, working for an NGO and would love to get a job after the trip working for another NGO. Certainly an adventurer and brave woman, she clipped into her pedals for the first time last July and rode 500 miles from Toronto to Ottawa along the Trans Canada Trail.

Tomorrow we’re on the ferry to Wadi Haifa, Sudan. A short day of riding about 80 Km. The Sudan will be a long stretch, with some very difficult conditions. However, my friend Nola Reynolds, who did this trip in 2012, said it was her favorite section of the ride. “The people were fantastic and couldn’t do enough to make you feel welcomed,” said Nola.


Easy Rider






  1. Mike – loving the updates. I had to pass along this quote from a motorcycle magazine. The rider was commenting of a fellow competitor who was skipping the famous Isle of Mann race and instead doing a bicycle trip –

    McGuinness’s response had a little more sting. “I would rather shove live wasps up my arse than pedal 2745 miles on a bicycle!” said the 23-time TT winner.

    Enjoy the wasps on the rest of your trip! Paul

  2. Love love love your writing…and reading about your astounding adventure! Judi
    Ps we are adventuring in Kauai!

  3. This is an amazing blog Mike! I really appreciate the time you are taking to keep us informed of this amazing adventure! It’s starting to feel like we’re getting to know your fellow travellers as well!


  4. Wow, can’t believe how many miles you’ve logged already and your photos really bring home some of the challenges your facing…sleeping in that tent after many miles on a bike is certainly one of them! Glad you’re getting your fiber by eating all that sand every day…the egyptian biscuit to go with your tea? I share the awe that your other friends have commented on. Good luck.

  5. Mike- Pete and I are speechless at what you are accomplishing. God Bless and enjoy it!
    Bet you wish you’re on Mt. Airy Rd.!

    Linda and Peter

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